Murphy Consulting LLC is an industry leader with a strong reputation for knowledgeable associates, quality work and timely deliverables. We partner with developers, owners and management companies in the multi-family and healthcare industries, taking over specialized functions to help meet their transaction needs and HUD obligations. Our role is to take a portion of the burden off our clients, freeing up key staff to focus on other important matters.

Our Baltimore-based team assists clients nationwide with:
    • Understanding HUD 2530 Regulatory Reporting Requirements
    • Educating Management Agents on HUD operational requirements
    • Addressing HUD Flags, failing inspections and delays in HUD approval
    • Advising on policies & best practices for mergers and key staff turnovers
    • Serving as an Outsourced Secure System Coordinator for APPS
    • Troubleshooting access problems for FASSUB, EIV, PASS and eLOCCS

At Murphy Consulting we make the complex world of HUD comprehensible, to help your business succeed. Find out more about us today and learn how we can help you.


"Without a doubt, Murphy Consulting is the best resource for HUD Secure Systems questions..."
President, Ross Business Development

"Murphy Consulting is highly regarded in the HUD world."
Executive Director, NLHA

"Denise is the leading expert in the field of APPS & 2530 today..."
Housing Operations, Leading Age