Career Opportunities

Company Culture - #worklifebalance

When you join our team, you will find that we are busy and focused (very busy and very focused). Our clients have impending deadlines, with countless challenges, and we are here to help. But you can't sit at your desk all day. Movement of mind, body and spirit are essential to healthy living. Employees are encouraged to get up and get out. In fact, routine wellness breaks are scheduled on everyone's Outlook calendar. On any given day, you will find staff heading out on a powerwalk, taking private meditation time, or rolling out a yoga mat for a 15-minute exercise break. We also have a strict rule: No checking emails at nights, on weekends or on vacation. When you head out the door, you leave work behind!

Staff Training - #supportiveworkenvironment

At Murphy Consulting, we focus on providing our employees with the training, resources and guidance they need to excel. All new employees receive targeted training, procedure workbooks and specialized resource materials, in addition to being paired with a mentor. We believe in training people beyond their current job and educating them on other related areas that touch their daily work. Each month at staff meeting, we provide training on a selected HUD topic area, talk about what's new at HUD, and share commonly seen problems and best practice solutions. For those who are new to what we do, as well as for seasoned professionals, a supportive on-going learning environment is important.

Opportunities for Growth - #growwithus

At Murphy Consulting, we value our employees and invest in their career growth. We provide cross-training on a multitude of HUD topics and offer opportunities for lateral career moves within the organization. Promotional opportunities are available as well, based on skill set and corporate goals. With a stellar reputation and a strong foothold in the industry, we continue to grow, adding new entry-level positions or new leadership positions every year for the past 5 years. Come grow with us.

Open Positions

Join our team! To learn more about open positions, our requirements and how to apply, see the links below for each open position. All positions are full-time in our Baltimore office. Murphy Consulting LLC requires all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment.